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Грампластинки Хип-хоп

В нашем интернет-магазине вы всегда можете купить популярную музыку Хип Хоп на пластинках с быстрой доставкой в любой город России.

В магазине представлены новые и б/у виниловые диски хорошего качества и с великолепным звучанием Рэп и Хип Хоп исполнителей.

Для заказа пластинок, звоните +7 (495) 374-52-68!

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Хип-хоп Beastie Boys ‎– Licensed To Ill (used)
Rhymin’ & Stealin’ 4:08 The New Style 4:35 She’s Crafty 3:36 Posse In Effect 2:27 Slow Ride 2:56 Girls 2:14 Fight For Your Right 3:28 No Sleep Till Brooklyn 4:07 Paul Revere 3:42 Hold It Now, Hit It 3:29 Brass Monkey 2:38 S..
3 500 ₽
Хип-хоп Black Eyed Peas – Monkey Business
A1 Pump It 3:33 A2 Don't Phunk With My Heart 3:59 A3 My Style 4:28 A4 Don't Lie 3:39 B1 My Humps 5:26 B2 Like That 4:34 B3 Dum Diddly 4:19 C1 Feel It 4:19 C2 Gone Going 3:13 C3 They Don't Want Music 6:46 C4 Disco Club 3:48 D1 B..
2 950 ₽
Хип-хоп Destiny's Child ‎– Lose My Breath
A1 Lose My Breath (Album Version) 4:02 A2 Lose My Breath (Instrumental) 4:02 A3 Lose My Breath (A Cappella) 3:15 B1 Soldier (Album Version) 5:05 B2 Soldier (Instrumental) 5:05 B3 Soldier (A Cappella) 4:33   44 71159 2004 ..
1 650 ₽
Хип-хоп Die Kumpanen ‎– Inflowenza K (used)
Inflowenza K 3:10 Inflowenza K (Instrumental) 3:10 Inflowenza K (Acapella) 2:46 Inflowenza K (Skunk Funk Remix) 2:36 Inflowenza K (Skunk Funk Remix Instrumental) 2:36 Tape Aus’m Briefkasten 1:10 Katakomben Pt. 2 1:02 Herrengedeck 5:35 Herrengede..
950 ₽
Хип-хоп DMX ‎– Grand Champ
A1 Dog Intro  A2 My Life A3 Where The Hood At  A4 Dogs Out  A5 Get It On The Floor B1 Shot Down B2 Bring The Noize  B3 Untouchable B4 F*** Y'all  C1 We're Back C2 Rob All Night  C3 We Go Hard ..
2 950 ₽
Хип-хоп Dr. Dre ‎– 2001 Instrumental
A1 Lolo (Intro)  A2 The Watcher  A3 Fuck You  A4 Still D.R.E.  A5 Big Ego's  B1 Xxplosive  B2 What's The Difference  B3 Bar One  B4 Light Speed  B5 Forgot About Dre  C1 The Next Episo..
2 350 ₽
Хип-хоп Dr. Dre ‎– The Chronic б/у
A1 The Chronic (Intro) A2 Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin') A3 Let Me Ride A4 The Day The Niggaz Took Over B1 Nuthin' But A "G" Thang B2 Deeez Nuuuts B3 Lil' Ghetto Boy C1 A Nigga Witta Gun C2 Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat C3 The $20 Sack P..
2 750 ₽
Хип-хоп Dr. Dre ‎– The Next Episode
A1 The Next Episode, Featuring – Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg A2 Bad Guys Always Die, Featuring – Eminem B1 Bang Bang, Featuring – Hittman, Knoc-Turn'al 2001 ..
1 950 ₽
Хип-хоп Eminem ‎– Ass Like That
A1 Super Clean 4:25 A2 Edited Version 4:25 A3 Explicit Version 4:25 B1 Instrumental 4:47 B2 Acapella 4:00   B0004901-11 2004 ..
1 950 ₽
Хип-хоп Eminem ‎– The Marshall Mathers LP (new)
1 Public Service Announcement 2000 0:25 2 Kill You 4:24 3 Stan 6:44 4 Paul (Skit) 0:10 5 Who Knew 3:47 6 Steve Berman 0:53 7 The Way I Am 4:50 8 The Real Slim Shady 4:44 9 Remember Me? 3:38 10 I'm Back 5:10 11 Marshall Mathers 5:20 12 Ken Kaniff (Skit) ..
2 990 ₽
Хип-хоп Gwen Stefani ‎– Hollaback Girl
A1 Radio Clean Version 3:21 A2 Instrumental 3:20 A3 A Capella 3:18 B1 Dirty Album Version 3:20 B2 Instrumental 3:20 B3 A Capella 3:18   Interscope Records ‎– B0004435-11 2005 ..
1 950 ₽
Хип-хоп Gwen Stefani ‎– Rich Girl
A1 Get Rich Mix 4:06 A2 Get Rich Instrumental 4:21 B1 Get Rich Quick Mix 3:47 B2 Get Rich Quick Instrumental 4:21   Interscope Records ‎– B0003978-11 2004 ..
1 950 ₽
Хип-хоп Jay-Z ‎– The Black Album
A1 Interlude  A2 December 4th  A3 What More Can I Say A4 Encore B1 Change Clothes B2 Dirt Off Your Shoulder B3 Threat B4 Moment Of Clarity C1 99 Problems C2 Interlude  C3 Justify My Thug D1 Lucifer D2 Allur..
2 750 ₽
Хип-хоп Michael Jackson ‎– Dangerous 2in1 (used)
Jam Why You Wanna Trip On Me In The Closet She Drives Me Wild Remember The Time Can't Let Her Get Away Heal The World Black Or White Who Is It Give In To Me Will You Be There Keep The Faith Gone Too Soon Da..
3 800 ₽
Хип-хоп Milli Vanilli - the first album (б.у)
Can't You Feel My Love   3:32 Boy In The Tree    3:10 Money                  4:09 Dance With A Devi           l3:12 I'm Gonna Miss You          4:02 All ..
590 ₽
Хип-хоп Missy Elliott ‎– The Cookbook
A1 Joy A2 Partytime A3 Irresistible Delicious A4 Lose Control B1 My Struggles B2 Meltdown B3 On & On B4 We Run This C1 Remember When C2 4 My Man C3 Can't Stop C4 Teary Eyed D1 Mommy D2 Click Clack D3 Time ..
2 750 ₽
Хип-хоп Moby ‎– Hotel
Side A   Hotel Intro Raining Again Beautiful Lift Me Up Where You End Temptation Spiders Side B   Dream About Me Very I Like It Love Should Slipping Away Forever Homeward Angel ..
2 250 ₽
Хип-хоп Moby ‎– Wait For Me (2in1)
Виниловый диск 1   Side A   Division Pale Horses Shot in the Back of the Head Study War Side B   Walk With Me Stock Radio Mistake Scream Pilots Виниловый диск 2   Side A   ..
2 990 ₽
Хип-хоп Public Enemy ‎– It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back б/у
A1 Countdown To Armageddon  A2 Bring The Noise  A3 Don't Believe The Hype  A4 Cold Lampin With Flavor  A5 Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic  A6 Mind Terrorist  A7 Louder Than A Bomb  A8 Caught, Can We Get A Witness?&..
2 950 ₽
Хип-хоп Public Enemy – Rebirth Of A Nation
A1 Raw Sh*t A2 Hard Rhymin' A3 Rise  A4 Can't Hold Us Back B1 Hard Truth Soldiers B2 Hannibal Lecture B3 Rebirth Of A Nation B4 Pump The Music, Pump The Sound  C1 Make It Hardcore C2 They Call Me Flavor  C3 Plastic Nat..
2 950 ₽
Хип-хоп R. Kelly ‎– Happy People б/у
A1 Happy People (Album Version) 6:05 A2 Happy People (Instrumental) 6:03 B1 Step In The Name Of Love (Tom Neville's Jazz Rocket Mix) 7:45 B2 Happy People (Acappella) 6:03 Jive ‎– 82876 60141 1 2004   ..
1 950 ₽
Хип-хоп Snoop Dogg ‎– Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$ б/у
A1 Don Doggy  A2 Da Bo$$ Would Like To See You A3 Stoplight A4 From Tha Church To Da Palace B1 I Believe In You B2 Lolipop B3 Ballin' C1 Beautiful C2 Paper'd Up C3 Wasn't Your Fault D1 Bo$$ Playa D2 Hourglass D3 The ..
3 950 ₽
Хип-хоп Snoop Doggy Dogg – Doggystyle
A1 Bathtub A2 G Funk Intro A3 Gin And Juice A4 Tha Shiznit B1 Lodi Dodi B2 Murder Was The Case (Death After Visualizing Eternity) B3 Serial Killa C1 Who Am I (What's My Name)? C2 Tha Dogg Pound For All My Niggaz & Bitches C3 Ain't No..
2 850 ₽